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Designed with LOW UGR optical accessories especially for office lighting, Totally 5 different optical parts for option, ①.Lens+reflector ②.Louver ③.Microcrystal PC cover ④.Linear lens ⑤. Frost PC cover, 8 types of beam angle: ①.100°with frost pc cover ②~③. 50° / 35*70° with reflector; ④~⑦.60° / 90° / Asymmetric / Double-asymmetric with optic lens ⑧. 60° with louver. Also 2 types of light distribution, direct or indirect/direct for option. Consisting of individual luminaries or arranged as continuous rows, can be easily and precisely aligned.


38mm LITAN Linear Fixtures(图1)New Products for Office Lighting.pdf

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Product SeriesLITAN Pendant Linear Slot Fixtures
Input voltage100~240V AC 50/60Hz
LED TypeHigh brightness 3030 SMD LED
Power range30~120W
Light distributionDirect or Indirect/direct